About Us

Kirchner Group was founded in 1985 on two fundamental premises: every business can be improved and every business should improve the world. Today, the firm is a values-based corporate ecosystem, committed to the integration of “earning and returning”.

Our proprietary platform is built on the premise that pairing deep domain (industry) expertise with process (operational understanding) experts provides superior results. Founded in 1985 Kirchner Group has developed into one of North America’s leading boutique merchant banks. In our capacity as advisors, partners, principals and agents, we work in conjunction with management and their investors.

The only reward for doing the right thing is knowing you did the right thing

Kirchner Group is a unique values-based corporate ecosystem maximizing individual and social benefit through our unwavering commitment to the thoughtful integration of ‘earning and returning’.

Proprietary domain and process approach

Kirchner Group has been providing traditional merchant banking services to some of the most promising entrepreneurs, fortune 500 companies and their investors. In addition, we manage assets for some of the largest insurance companies, commercial banks and institutional investors in the world. Everything we do and how we do it stems from an entrepreneurial culture built from real world experience.

Traditional merchant bank

Literally, merchant bankers are businessmen who become bankers. Historically, they were successful businessmen offering operational and transactional expertise, together with a deep knowledge of capital markets, to other business owners.

We believe that the foundation of merchant banking is a focus on relationships. The nature of the work and the key to success is the ability to function as a trusted, independent advisor, agent, partner, or principal. We believe and our success confirms that today, the early and mid-market businesses want what the 18th-century merchant bank pioneered.

A trusted, one-stop source for help in creating value

We help create, enhance, recover and realize value in for companies and portfolios. Let our experience go to work for you.