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Every business should contribute to a positive human future

In 1985 our firm was founded with the belief that every business can be improved and every business should improve the world.

Our ‘return’ model includes three integrated components:

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Sharing the benefit of decades of creating solutions.

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Providing the capital to ensure a successful endeavour.

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A passion to execute and a desire to make a difference.


Our unprecedented 30 year track record of “earning and returning” represents the backbone of what is today considered financial-first impact businesses and investing. As pioneers in impact, we have worked with hundreds of companies, investors and portfolio managers to realize impact and financial returns –enhancing value and values.

Most investors just want to know if you’re hitting your numbers. Kirchner Group wants to know how they can help you grow into a successful, profitable social enterprise and they are willing to leverage all of their incredible contacts, resources and experience to help that happen.

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The numerous entities we are involved in can be divided into two categories, philanthropic and Advisory. Below are just a few of the entities and initiatives we are involved with.


Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation Design, development, implementation and education of Multi Sensory Environments promoting a life without limits for individuals with special needs.
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Hidden Angel Companion Pets Enhancing the quality of life for individuals with cognitive, emotional and physical challenges by providing the individual with a carefully selected and trained companion pet.
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Impact Foundation

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Kirchner Impact Foundation The Kirchner Impact Foundation serves as one of the “returning” arms of Kirchner Group and aims to harness the positive power of enterprise to make a difference in addressing some of the most important issues of today.
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Exploring The Business Brain Devoted to integrating and promoting business and relevant principles from neuroscience and psychology including related cognitive sciences.
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Kirchner Food Fellowship Impact investment program that harnesses the power of millennials to find, fund and assist promising socially responsible agricultural businesses.
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Interaction Advisory Group Customized ‘special needs’ awareness training for first responders as well as other public service officials, educators and private sector workers.
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Food Security Group Agricultural Impact Arm of Kirchner Group that seeks to harness the power of venture capital and entrepreneurial for-profit enterprises to accelerate the day every person on the planet has reliable access to healthy food.
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WHYFARM is a a non-profit that has a vision to engage the next generation of farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs to develop bold, out-of-the-box innovations that help solve the greatest challenge facing our collective future—global food security . Creator of the world’s first “Superhereos” for food and nutrition security – AgriMAN and PhotoSynthesista
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