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Our firm is composed of senior only professionals who have seen it all over their extensive careers. Our value proposition centers around a pragmatic approach to serving the needs of the private capital world.

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We have a strong client focus delivering genuine value in times of economic contraction and distress as well as periods of growth.

“Kirchner has been credited with having that golden touch when it comes to business.”
– Bob Scully PBS Interviewer

Private Capital & Companies

Advisory & Assessments

Assessments & Advisory

We not only perform comprehensive analysis and provide strategic recommendations, but also have the ability to assist in execution. Learn more


“Kirchner’s work was characteristically excellent, insightful, and very helpful to us as we assess which next steps to take with one of our portfolio companies.” – PE Investor

Operational Services

Operational Services

We provide a full spectrum of operational support offerings including operational strategies, workout/turnarounds, restructurings, and interim management to companies and their investors. We are especially adept at salvaging and enhancing value in distressed situations. Learn more


“Kirchner was able to step into a complicated situation and develop a comprehensive, practical ‘Turnaround’ plan.” – PE Investor

Mergers and Acquisitions


We specialize in advising small and mid-market companies on sell side mandates to strategic buyers including those centering around deep intellectual property. Learn more


“Together with Kirchner, we were able to convey the strategic value MDT will bring to the combined entity and as a result, more than doubled our valuation.” – CEO

Institutional Investors & LPs


Portfolio Assessments

We have developed proprietary processes and models from an operational perspective for evaluation, value creation, and reporting on portfolios and companies with a focus on complete transparency and understanding. Learn more


“I was very impressed by Kirchner Group’s unique approach to portfolio assessment. Their protocols resulted in additional insights and opportunities not apparent in audited financial statement.” – Limited Partner
Fund Optimization and Asset Management

Private Asset & Fund Optimization

We pioneered proprietary models to help traditional and impact investors and their LP’s enhance value creation and bring necessary resources to ensure success. The initiative helps limited partners and advisory committees to realign interests and help optimize returns. Learn more


“Kirchner has been deploying its model across a series of portfolios ranging from early stage venture to mid-market buyout since 2004.” – CIO
Asset Management

Asset Management

Kirchner Group is active in four aspects of asset management, Fund Formation, Fund Management, Fund Advisory and management of strategic spin-outs. We manage assets for some of the largest insurance companies, commercial banks and institutional investors in the world. Learn more


“Kirchner’s pattern recognition and ability to provide actionable opportunities for our portfolio companies was invaluable.” – Limited Partner

Every organization should contribute to a positive human future

In 1985 our firm was founded with the belief that every business can be improved and every business should improve the world.

Our unprecedented 30 year track record of “earning and
returning” represents the backbone of what is today
considered financial-first impact businesses and investing. As pioneers in impact, we have worked with hundreds of companies, investors and portfolio managers from around the world to realize impact and financial returns –enhancing value and values. Learn More

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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American proverb