Assessments & Advisory

We apply our deep domain and process expertise to provide unparalleled insight.

We have advised numerous companies directly or on behalf of investors as well as many PE and VC firms as part of their diligence process.

Our deep domain and process expertise enables us to provide unparalleled insight, support and service during every advisory engagement. In contrast to traditional consultants who simply produce reports, we not only perform comprehensive analysis and provide strategic recommendations, but also have the ability to roll up our sleeves and assist in execution.

Our professionals have extensive backgrounds running private and public companies and bring deep domain expertise to the table. We are experts at differentiating between perception and reality. Typically, the main decision facing investors and BOD members in complex situations is not only (a) what to do next, but also (b) how to do it. The Kirchner Group plays a key role in illuminating these options and can step in to help execute them if appropriate. Also unlike the approach typically taken by consultants, we don’t issue a report just based on what management told us — we apply our own operational experience and in-the-trenches perspective to separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

Our team consists of senior professionals who have been in your position before and understand how to dig deep, navigate all the angles and provide actual tangible value. Our advisory services and execution assistance is utilized in some cases as part of the preparatory work for a liquidity event.

We have refined our diagnostic/assessment process over the years to provide an objective and comprehensive view into our clients’ strengths and weaknesses as well as provide go-forward options. The identification and analysis of the merits of each go-forward option is a key differentiator for us from consultants who may purport to provide operational assessment-like services. This analysis allows stakeholders to meet their fiduciary responsibility and to make well-informed decisions about the Company’s future strategic direction.

We can also apply our deep domain expertise to provide deep scientific or technical reviews as part of investors diligence process. We have advised the lead investor on 4 of the largest ever Biotech financings and one of the largest PE financings of an Agtech company.

How we can help

We provide a variety of advisory services to individual companies, investors as well as portfolios including:

  • independent third party assessment
  • company/technology positioning
  • transaction due diligence
  • company formation and structure
  • market entry and positioning
  • key partnerships and licensing agreements
  • global commercialization strategies

We also provide numerous other tailored advisory services. Each engagement is customized to the needs of the specific situation; thus, only services that are needed are provided.

For more information download our fact sheet.

Illustrative Transactions

Kirchner Group acted as advisor on due diligence to the Alaska Permanent Fund in the Tessera Therapeutics transaction.
Kirchner Group acted as advisor on due diligence to the Alaska Permanent Fund in the Juno Therapeutics Series A & B transactions.
Review of operations in support of decision to reinvest.