Our unique platform leverages our unparalleled experience across select sectors.

We have resident domain experts in multiple domains. Our model generally pairs one or more of our resident sector experts with a process expert for each engagement. This allows for unprecedented insight into each industry, understanding of the market dynamics as well as direct access to key strategics.

We have built relevant and critical skills and expertise in all areas of growth, development and creating liquidity events throughout the lifecycle of early and mid market enterprises in each of these sectors. While we focus on certain sectors we do also work in other sectors in certain situations.

Our core areas of focus are:

Agriculture & Food

The Agriculture and Food sector is led by innovation and new technologies. In such a vital and constantly changing industry you need the right experts to help you when you come to a fork in the road. We offer a proprietary methodology whereby we can support and add value to Agriculture and Food companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage from start-up to exit. We are widely recognized as one of the leading boutique advisors. Fact sheet.

Health & Life Sciences

The Health & Life Sciences sector boasts some of the most promising and potentially rewarding early stage companies today. Our industry knowledge paired with our deep experience offer significant value add to your company or investment at any stage of its lifecycle. Fact sheet.

We also have significant expertise and experience in:

Environmental Technologies

The Environmental Technologies sector is very complex, both scientifically and technically. Understanding the science behind innovations and the requirements to bring them to market are key. Our proprietary methodology allows us to support and add value to environmental technologies companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage of their lifecycle.


The Industrials sector maintains an important role in the business ecosystem. Some of these fundamental businesses are undergoing significant changes and we can help. Our proprietary methodology adds value to Industrials companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage from start-up to exit.

Information & Communication Technology

The Information & Communications Technology sector provides the innovation that allows almost every company to grow. We can support and add value to ICT companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage from start-up to exit.