Kirchner Group - Bud Kirchner Profile Picture

W.B. ‘Bud’ Kirchner

Founder and CEO

Bud is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and sponsor of impact activities. He has over 50 years of operational, transactional and asset management experience as well as international recognition for his expertise in multifaceted enterprise solutions. He is the Founder and CEO of Kirchner Group, a traditional merchant bank that provides advisory and operational services, enterprise development and transactional support to companies, investors and institutions through a proprietary approach that dovetails domain and process expertise. Kirchner Group also manages assets for a broad variety of organizations ranging from family offices to some of the world’s largest insurance companies, commercial banks and institutional investors.

Bud founded Kirchner Group in 1985 on two fundamental premises which are often quoted: every business can be improved and every business should improve the world. Today, the firm is an ethics-based corporate ecosystem, committed to the integration of ‘earning and returning’.

Bud is the designer and architect of several proprietary models including ‘Crystallizing Value in Intellectual Property’, ‘Successor GP’, ‘Academic Enterprise Development’, and the ‘Kirchner Impact Model’ as well as others related to enhancing the value in individual companies and portfolios.

A longtime professional relationship noted “I am always inspired in hearing about all the incredibly impactful work you are doing in so many different verticals of business and society.”

Bud has started and successfully exited companies in industries as diverse as biotechnology, financial services, agribusiness, aviation and consulting, and has conducted corporate transactions in over 25 countries. He has also been a principal or advisor in over 375 private capital ventures. The media has gone so far as to say Bud has the “golden touch” and some have called him “Mr. Fix It”.

According to one former colleague “Bud feels a very strong sense of responsibility to those with whom he works with and for, so much so that he’s willing to push himself unusually hard to deliver on what he promises.”

In 1994, Bud was named Ernst & Young, et. al, Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of the turnaround of a bankrupt company to a profitable industry leader during a period when over fifty direct competitors failed. Under Bud’s management, the company received numerous distinctions including ranking fourth overall in a nationwide survey of all industries for profit gain over a five-year period. The company was also recognized as ranking in the “top 20 wealth creation companies” in a survey of all Canadian public companies.

The following year Bud was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Quality Institute of Canada in recognition of transforming a domestic business into an internationally-competitive company. This included a citation for “entrepreneurial vision, leadership, commitment and innovation.” Bud is the only individual awarded both of these senior awards for entrepreneurship.

One prominent business leader stated “Companies go through periods of crisis, rationalization, turnaround, growth and liquidity. I have seen Bud operate at the highest possible level in each of these environments.”

As part of the ‘return’ activities Bud founded the Kirchner Impact Foundation (KIF) to serve as the ‘impact arm’ of Kirchner Group. Through founding the Impact Foundation Bud also developed a proprietary model for ‘returning’ that leverages each dollar.

The Kirchner Impact Model includes three integrated components of contribution: ‘head’ (sharing decades of creating solutions and building enterprises), ‘hip’ (providing essential financial resources), and ‘heart’ (unwavering commitment to successful execution, supported by passion and desire to make a difference).

KIF aims to harness the positive power of enterprise to make a difference in addressing some of the most important issues in the world today. KIF defines ‘impact activities’ as those that generate a measurable social and/or environmental benefit and focuses on activities that primarily span four sectors; Agriculture/Food, Health/Life Science, Energy/Resources and Education.

Currently the foundation activities sponsored by Bud include, the Kirchner Food Fellowship program which provides capital and unprecedented hands on training in deployment of capital for university students looking to address food security. To date the program has been integral in the seed funding of early stage agriculture and food companies such as: Lucky Iron Fish Inc, Green Zebra Grocery, Inc., Kuli Kuli Inc, and Till Mobile Corporation.

The Foundation also co-founded Interaction Advisory Group a company that provides customized special needs awareness training for first responders, other public service officials, educators and private sector workers as well as a unique resource devoted to integrating and promoting business and relevant principles from neuroscience and psychology including related cognitive sciences which is branded as the Business Brain Model.

Bud is also active in a variety of philanthropic activities and is the co-founder of the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation (CDHAF), a charitable organization devoted to enriching the lives of individuals with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical impairments through programs centered on the use of multi-sensory environments.

To date the foundation’s multi-sensory environments have touched the lives of over 9000 individuals and their families across North America. Typically one parent said “Bud has generously made himself personally available to answer questions with practical advice as I apply these lessons to my son’s development. I consider what Bud has done already in this regard for me and my family a major step forward and one that we likely would not have discovered we could take had it not been for him.” Countless other people have benefited from CDHAF’s education and research activities.

For more details on Bud’s career watch his 2012 PBS Interview. This interview was subsequently selected by the viewers and editorial team as the ‘interview of the year’ and was re-introduced here.

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