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Kirchner Group Announces Updated Branding

The updated brand statement on its logo “creating value and promoting values since 1985” is important to Kirchner Group and is one that has been used informally for many years. The new logo also features a contemporary text refreshening. Additionally, the firm recently launched a revamped website, continuing to reflect the breadth and depth of activities the firm is involved in.

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Respect, Empathy, Fairness and Equality

Further to our statement on June 4, 2020, in an unprecedented way, the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted us at Kirchner Group to examine the values we hold so dear and to continue holding ourselves accountable. The inhumanity of recent events are both egregious and unacceptable! Upon reflection, this is what we have learned and how we plan to conduct ourselves in support of the dismantling of systemic oppression and promoting the equitable society we value.

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Kirchner Food Fellowship announces Seventh year Fellows

The Kirchner Food Fellowship, an initiative of the Kirchner Impact Foundation, today announced the selection of seven new Fellows across their two 2020-2021 cohorts, one based in the U.S. and one based in Mexico. This represents the seventh year of the program, now totaling 29 fellows, with the majority being female.

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