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Kirchner Impact Foundation announces unprecedented impact initiative to be deployed from Costa Rica

The Kirchner Impact Foundation is pleased to announce the latest stage of incremental paradigm development, extending almost a decade, focused on impact activities. The new initiative combines the existing Kirchner Food Fellowship program which trains university-students on impact investment best practices in a “learning-by-doing” framework, the Kirchner Investment Academy which works with entrepreneurs and angel investors to better understand the investment process and the recently established Kirchner Liaison Activities, a matchmaking program.

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Kirchner Group and HMP Global Recognize Impact and Legacy of Nursing Pioneer Dr. Barbara J. Braden

Kirchner Group (KG) and HMP Global today recognized the enduring legacy, contributions, and impact of Dr. Barbara Braden within the wound care space. Barbara J. Braden, RN, PhD, FAAN, along with collaborator Nancy Bergstrom, RN, PhD, FAAN, is widely recognized as the developer of the Braden Scale, the nursing standard for pressure ulcer / injury risk assessment.

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