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Kirchner-Nova combines the expertise and experience of Kirchner Group and Nova Capital Management. The strategic alliance will focus on portfolio optimization services in the United Kingdom and European Union. The group leverages the synergies of numerous proprietary models and local market presence to create value in VC and PE funds that are underperforming or at end-of-life. Established on the back of many years of partnership managing a portfolio the formation of Kirchner-Nova represents a long overdue alternative option for asset managers and institutional investors in Europe who are facing challenging circumstances.

“I have had the benefit of seeing the Kirchner and Nova teams working together for a number of years on one of our existing portfolios. They are a very effective team, with complementary skills. What they have in common are strong operational capabilities, high integrity and an open, transparent communication style with their investors.” – Scott Humber, Partner at Landmark Partners

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Nova Capital Management is a pioneer in portfolio buy-outs, specializing in acquiring multiple businesses in a single transaction from corporate or financial sellers.  Since its foundation in 2002, Nova has executed international transactions with a value of over $1.7bn from offices in Chicago and London.  Nova acquired both Shur-Line and Bulldog in 2013 as part of a portfolio of hardware businesses acquired from Newell in a $220m+ transaction.  Nova acquired World and Main brands in 2018 and Craig Electronics in September 2019. To learn more above Nova visit: