Kirchner Group Formally Announces Innovative Diligence Offering

‘New Diligence’ offers integrated, insightful, and actionable advice to clients

Birmingham, Alabama, 29 January, 2016 – Kirchner Group, a leading North American merchant bank, today formally announced details on its New Diligence program. The program is offered through a joint venture with Strategic Insight Group (SIG) a provider of strategic and tactical intelligence to the investor community on individuals, entities, situations, and geostrategic issues.

Kirchner Group and SIG uniquely combine domain and operational business expertise with advanced intelligence gathering, resulting in this new offering designed to analyze and confirm decisions or limit broken deal costs. The program enables investors to tap the expertise they need, when they need it, across the investment cycle, whether before, during or after a transaction or on an ongoing, monitoring basis.

The methodology utilizes strategic and operational (SaO) and subject of interest (SoI) diligence along with the ability to mix and match tiers of both to meet the client’s requirements. Some of the risks addressed through New Diligence include counterparty risk, market risk, competitor risk, and litigation risk.

“Our ‘New Diligence’ offering addresses a real need for the investment industry and provides a true one stop shop for all their diligence needs,” commented John White, Head of Kirchner Group’s Fund Advisory Services. “The ability for our clients to receive one integrated report that connects all the dots can save valuable time and significantly minimize broken deal costs. New Diligence is an integral part of our robust Fund Advisory Services program.”

“In a globalized business environment complicated by complex, difficult, and little-understood situations, traditional ‘due diligence’ is often not enough,” added Dee Smith, CEO, Strategic Insight Group. “Ever more complicated markets and counterparties, along with challenging political, economic, and social environments, require New Diligence: operational expertise and situational intelligence combined to give investors what they need to know by delivering integrated, insightful, and actionable advice.”

Kirchner Group
Kirchner Group believes that every business, and every portfolio of businesses, can be made more valuable and that none needs to become valueless, regardless of the circumstances. Kirchner Group’s proprietary platform is built on the premise that pairing deep domain expertise with process experts provides superior results. Kirchner Group has provided traditional merchant banking services since 1985 and offers advisory, operational and transactional support to companies as well as asset management services for institutional investors. The group’s clients and partners range from promising entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies and their investors. Kirchner Group also manages assets for some of the largest insurance companies, commercial banks, and institutional investors in the world.

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Strategic Insight Group
Strategic Insight Group is in its 21st year of providing investors with strategic and tactical intelligence on individuals, entities, and situations. Rooted in classic “zero-based analysis,” SIG’s methodology features state-of-the-art intelligence gathering and analysis targeted at what investors need to know about markets and counterparties in order to succeed. SIG serves a client base of investors ranging from private equity and venture capital, to family offices, and institutional investors including some of the world’s largest investors. SIG has operated in over 90 countries, and has deep experience in Asia, Europe, and North and South America and a growing practice in Africa and the Middle East.

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