Birmingham, Alabama – 26 January 2012The Food Security Group is pleased to announce the addition of a new strategic technology partner, The Dryland Agriculture Institute (DIA) at West Texas A&M University.

“Almost forty percent of the land on the planet is classified as arid or semi-arid, and those lands will need to support almost one billion people by 2050.  Increasing agricultural productivity in those regions through the use of advanced technologies is one of the requisite pillars of global food security going forward,” said Bud Kirchner of the Food Security Group.  “By adding The Dryland Agriculture Institute at West Texas A&M University to our world class roster of advisors and technology collaboration partners we significantly improve our ability to identify, commercialize and proliferate some of those badly needed solutions.”  “Through this partnership, we stand a better chance to enhance the quality of life for countless millions of our fellow citizens of this globe,” according to Pat O’Brien, President of West Texas A&M University.

New Strategic Technology Partner:

The Dryland Agriculture Institute at West Texas A&M (DIA) is a global leader in advancing practical dryland farming solutions; and a focal point for researchers, educators, extension workers, and administrators developing workable strategies and technologies for improving the sustainability of dryland agriculture systems worldwide.  Specific areas of emphasis include:

  • Efficient Use of Water
  • Wind and Water Erosion
  • Soil Fertility and Organic Matter
  • Drought Resistant Germplasm
  • Deficit Irrigation
  • Management of Pests
  • Management of Rangelands

Whether creating a liaison between promising companies and industry thought leaders or being a conduit for the commercialization and development of agricultural efficiency solutions, the addition of yet another important strategic partner to the FSG ecosystem further strengthens our ability to advance badly needed technology solutions.

About The Food Security Group

The Food Security Group ( was formed to pursue opportunities related to the challenges of producing sufficient food to feed the world’s expanding population through our focus on supporting technologies related to advanced fertilizers and related solutions, enhanced nutrient dynamics, seeds and genetics, pest and disease control and post harvest technologies. Our initial role will be to resolve the business challenges restricting the deployment of high potential agricultural technologies. The Food Security Group was founded, incubated and is advised by Kirchner Private Capital Group (

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