Water & Waste Water Company


  • Water Technology company that has developed an innovative system to detect the presence of micro-organism water
  • Investors group include VC, Angels, University Licensing Branch  and Private investors
  • Significant capital was invested in the company since inception  to validate the technology and manufacture a beta unit
  • Company was still burning cash and had a small number of units  in the market


  • Find a  strategic  acquirer that will support the growth of the business and pay a premium for the synergies. The ideal strategic acquirer will  use the technology as a platform to build a large water monitoring group and will recognize the value of the patent portfolio


  • Developed material for discussion with Strategic Market
  • Revised the business plan and financial forecast
  • Benchmarked the financial projections against competitors in the Water Industry
  • Prepared a case by case value proposition for each Strategic Acquirer
  • Contacted the key Strategic Players in the Water industry
  • Negotiated with potential acquirers the best terms for the investors


  • Completed a transaction with a Blue chip corporation based in Europe
  • Transaction exceeded Investor expectation
  • The acquired was use as a platform to launch a water monitoring division within the parent company