Waste Water Company


  • Company developed a system for the  treatment of Waste Water Sludge
  • Company was in a difficult cash position and reduced the workforce to resume operations
  • Investors were looking for a strategic investor /acquirer for the company
  • The company obtained a bridge financing from the investors to support the M&A process
  • Beta units were under evaluation by customers located overseas
  • Company was presented 18 months ago to potential acquirers but did not complete a transaction


  • Find a strategic investor/acquirer that will support the commercialization of the company
  • The ideal investor/acquirer will have worldwide operations in addition to a strong focus in the Waste Water equipment market


  • Revised and updated all meterial for discussion with Strategic Market
  • Reviewed the positioning and value proposition of the company
  • Contacted  strategic investors with strong focus in the Waste Water Market and potential buyers previously contacted
  • Negotiated the best terms for the company with the potential buyers


  • Completed a transaction with a large public company in the waste water market
  • Deal was close in less than 2 months
  • All employees joined the acquiring company except 3