Software developer: business intelligence


  • Introduced by a VC and engaged to supplement a management team and act as interim CEO until a new CEO could be recruited for a “new economy” company.
  • No traction building nor was there success in going to the market


  • Used various assessment tools to ensure new CEO would fit culture and counterbalance various aspects of the existing team
  • Administered assessment instruments to measure and assess emotional reactions, interpersonal patterns, openness to change, agreeableness, personal style and work ethics
  • Administered the MBTI to measure individuals’ characteristics to make constructive use of individual differences in team building
  • Taught the team to approach problems in a different yet healthy way and to increase productivity


  • Worked hand in hand with executive recruiter to select new CEO that was compatible and had the “right fit” with the current team, complemented the team’s weaknesses
  • Successfully selected a successful performance oriented CEO
  • Provided team-building exercises to assist with positive and productive interaction between new CEO and team members