Hardware/software company: automation industry


  • Kirchner and Company was contacted by a VC to liquidate the company and return debenture value
  • Company had failed to reach revenue forecast
  • No customers had emerged from the pipeline
  • Investor had lost faith in the management team


  • Provided an assessment and report to the VC:
    • Determined the company could be packaged differently
    • Operations could be fine tuned re: strategic direction and cost control
  • Acted as an intermediary to arrange bridge financing
  • Provided an interim co-CEO
  • Became the M&A agent
  • Was able to attract several interested parties including the ultimate buyer, which was a multibillion-dollar industry leader
  • Prepared three documents on various aspects of the value proposition – each resulted in a higher bid


  • Company was sold as going concern and all jobs retained
  • Achieved a 3x return on investment for the shareholder in less than one year of involvement
  • Company has now been scaled up three fold