Early stage company


  • Introduced by a VC and engaged to assess the SWOT of an early stage company


  • Focused on management and staff to determine their individual type and traits in the context of the organization
  • Administered assessment instruments to measure and assess emotionality, Interpersonal patterns, openness to change, agreeableness, personal style and work ethics
  • Administered the MBTI to measure individuals’ characteristics so as to make constructive use of individual differences in team building


  • Provided useful information to the company that identified individual strengths and weakness so that they could further develop strengths and improve on weakness (i.e., found the CEO would avoid making hard decisions especially if he perceived it to be “hurtful” to any employee)
  • Provided information about management that was useful in recruiting new team members best matched to the environment
  • Provided groundwork for team-building within the current management team