Developer/operator: online staffing/recruiting technology


  • Introduced by VCs who were co-investors
  • Company had achieved reasonable top line revenues but due to limited funding and declining IT staffing industry, shifted business model to one with much slower growth
  • High cost of delivering services generated significant cash losses
  • Upside of business seems limited, management performance mediocre


  • Met with company and developed value propositions and presentation materials for three different vertical markets into which potential acquirers fell
  • Undertook research and identified target list of more than 500 prospective acquirers divided into vertical market
  • Sent out mailing to target list via mail, fax and email
  • Follow up and repeated phone calls
  • Frequent contact and collaboration with company management and board to cultivate and develop interest among prospects
  • Creatively developed new application for healthcare vertical to generate buying interest from public healthcare companies


  • Attracted multiple parties for substantive merger and acquisition discussions
  • Acquisition completed by a publicly traded company