Health & Life Sciences

Your decades of experience in wound care industry is impressive, and I can think of so many ways in which you can help us grow.

Ankit Agarwal, PhD, CEO Imbed Biosciences Inc.

The Health & Life Sciences sector boasts some of the most promising and potentially rewarding early stage companies today. Our industry knowledge paired with our deep experience offer significant value add to your company or investment at any stage of its lifecycle.

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Our prominent domain experts in this focus area include:

Representing on cumulative basis 100+ years experience

Dr. Patrick McNees

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Phone: +1 205.313.0784 ext. 221
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Health & Life Sciences domain related experience:

• 36 years of operational and research experience
• Former Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise Development of Health Professions University of Alabama in Birmingham
• Responsible for over a dozen inventions and other intellectual property in health and life science

Richard (Dick) Marchase, Ph.D.

Phone: +1 205.313.0784 x210

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Health & Life Sciences domain related experience:

  • Cell Biology PhD
  • He served as President of the Association of Anatomy, Cell Biology, and Neurobiology Chairs and as both President and Vice President for Science Policy of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • He has numerous scientific publications and patents, has served on editorial boards for several biomedical journals, and has been Principal Investigator on over $50 million of research and infrastructure grants and contracts.


Within the health and life sciences sector our more specific expertise includes (but is not limited to) companies in:

• Clinical trial design
• Cost effectiveness analysis
• Statistical modeling and data analytics
• Behavior analysis
• Wound care
• Incontinence
• Biotechnology
• Cancer
• Survivorship
• Data mining
• Technology supported healthcare
• Long term care
• Home health care
We have worked with and are in regular contact with the majority of the strategics in the Health & Life Sciences sector.

We have worked with and are in regular contact with the majority of the strategics in the Health & Life Sciences industry. To learn how we can put our domain expertise to work for you contact us.

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Health & Life Sciences Tombstones

Biotechnology Company
Biotechnology Company
Assessment of operations and science for lead investor.
Kirchner Group provided diagnostic services.
Alaska Permanent Fund
Alaska Permanent Fund
Advisor on due diligence in the Denali Therapeutics Inc. transaction.
Kirchner Group provided Advisory services.
Biologics Tissue Regeneration Company
Biologics Tissue Regeneration Company
Provided introductory services to potential partners and helped facilitate a distribution agreement.
Kirchner Group provided Advisory services.
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Health & Life Sciences Case Studies

Process Monitoring


  • Runway of about six months (with bridge underway)
  • No traction in market
  • History of failed execution and sales success
  • Mediocre management team with high profile CEO
  • Complicated personal relationship
  • Three Investors in deal had worked with Kirchner previously


  • Complete Diagnostic
  • SWOT analysis of business, management and market opportunity
  • Analysis of go-forward options with pro/con and recommendation


  • Was able to provide a number of value adds to business
  • Visibly improved management performance
  • Identified immediate IP threat
  • Accelerated cash collection (SRED and loans)
  • Converted management as skeptic to strong supporter
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