Some businessmen just have a knack for success: they know how to create it, grow it, manage it and even snatch it back from the brink of failure.

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The Industrials sector maintains an important role in the business ecosystem. Some of these fundamental businesses are undergoing significant changes and we can help. Our proprietary methodology adds value to Industrials companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage from start-up to exit.

Our prominent domain experts in this focus area include:

Representing on cumulative basis 40+ years experience

Industrials domain related experience:

  • Extensive experience as interim CEO/COO, advisor and board member for public and private companies in industries such as manufacturing
  • Involved in over 50 middle market companies and has been on numerous boards

Don Haliburton

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Industrials domain related experience:

• 10 years of operational and transactional experience
• Expertise in production and distribution

Mike Cooke

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Industrials domain related experience:

• 40 years of operational and advisory experience
• Expert in identifying and developing competitive advantages that improve sales and margins
• Past/current advisor to numerous industrials sector companies


Within the industrials sector our more specific expertise includes (but is not limited to) companies in:

• Manufacturing
• Logistics
• Consumer Goods
• Wholesale
• Distribution
• Construction
• Storage

We have worked with and are in regular contact with the majority of the strategics in the Industrials sector.
To learn how we can put our domain expertise to work for you contact us.


Industrials Tombstones

Industrial Applications Company
Industrial Applications Company
Assessment of operations on behalf of $300M PE firm as diligence prior to follow-on investment.
Kirchner Group provided diagnostic services.
Wholesale Distribution Company
Wholesale Distribution Company
Court-ordered review of reporting and operations in support of lawsuit.
Kirchner Group provided diagnostic services.
Petroleum Exploration Company
Petroleum Exploration Company
Developed data base systems and analytic software to map surface and mineral rights ownership and reference geologic and test data to identify optimal prospects.
Data Analytics team provided services prior to joining Kirchner Group.
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Industrials Case Studies

$20M revenue automated optical inspection industry


  • Introduced by 5 VCs who were co-investors
  • Company participating in four markets in three areas around the world
  • Company perpetually lost money and sales were declining
  • Company revenues were deteriorating
  • Considerable exposure in the US subsidiary regarding vendors
  • Company had problems with revenue recognition
  • Investors had lost faith in management and vice versa


  • Provided interim President
  • Designed reorganization plan that focused on the company’s core competencies, and determined non-core technologies that could be sold
  • Lowered company burn rate by 60%
  • Implemented CVIP model which resulted in the sale (involving licensing fees, OEM, and royalties) of technologies as follows:
    • Early stage technology based IP, sold to a $200-million industry leader in smart card technology;
    • Pre-prototype technology based IP, sold to the largest privately owned printing company in the world
  • Negotiated dissolution with US subsidiary
  • Resulting cash flow sustained company through the reorganization
  • Remaining core business was sold to a listed company in Japan


  • Company continued, including 60 jobs
  • First five tranches of obligation settled $1/$1
  • Further tranches at $0.60/$1
  • US parties settled and voided all pending litigation
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