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Kirchner was tenacious in tracking down potential acquirers and their industry experience and contacts were extremely helpful in completing this transaction.

Greg IkonenInterim CEOMendel Biotechnology, Inc.

The Agriculture and Food sector is led by innovation and new technologies. In such a vital and constantly changing industry you need the right experts to help you when you come to a fork in the road. We offer a proprietary methodology whereby we can support and add value to Agriculture and Food companies (and their stakeholders) at every stage from start-up to exit.

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Our prominent domain experts in this focus area include the following

Representing on cumulative basis 100+ years experience

Agriculture & Food domain related experience:

  • Sylvio has over 25 years of international experience in the Agribusiness sector
  • Prior work with Cargill, Syngenta and FMC Corporation
  • very active in the AgTech ecosystem serving as a mentor for exciting and innovative startup companies

Armand Lavoie

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Agriculture & Food domain related experience:

• 25 years of operational and investment experience
• Leads Kirchner Group Agriculture and Food Team
• Managing Director of $45M agri-food technologies fund
• Professional Agrologist
• Current/past director at numerous agricultural companies

Agriculture & Food domain related experience:

• 35 years experience in consulting and market research in the pesticide, fertilizer and biotechnology industries
• Founded Agricultural Information Services brining new technology to agricultural input suppliers
• Worked for the Battelle Memorial Institute, for 11 years developing their agricultural inputs activities.

Steve Dauphin

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Agriculture & Food domain related experience:

• 20+ years in fund management focused on agriculture and energy
• Sits on multiple ag-related boards
• Internationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurial agricultural solutions in underserved capital markets including at the World Bank
• Partner in Food Security Group, Director with Kirchner Food Fellowship and Advisory Board of the Hunger Solutions Institute


Within the agriculture and food sector our more specific expertise includes (but is not limited to) companies in:


• Advanced fertilizers
• Water management
• Seeds and genetics
• Biopesticides
• By-product reuse
• Nutraceuticals & nutritional products
• Industrial bioproducts
• Food processing
• Aquaculture
• Cosmetics
• Diagnostics
• Animal health

We have worked with and are in regular contact with the majority of the strategics in the Agriculture and Food industry.

To learn how we can put our domain expertise to work for you contact us.


Agriculture & Food Tombstones

Exosect Limited
Licensing Agreement With
Monsanto Company
Kirchner Group acted as an advisor to Exosect Limited
Advanced BioNutrition Corp.
Certain Animal Health & Nutrition Technologies Acquired By
International Strategic (Undisclosed)
Kirchner and Company, Inc. acted as M&A Advisor to Advanced BioNutrition Corp.
Alaska Permanent Fund 3
Alaska Permanent Fund
Advisor on due diligence in the Indigo Agriculture transaction.
Kirchner Group provided Advisory services.
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Agriculture & Food Case Studies

Water & Waste Water Company


  • Water Technology company that has developed an innovative system to detect the presence of micro-organism water
  • Investors group include VC, Angels, University Licensing Branch  and Private investors
  • Significant capital was invested in the company since inception  to validate the technology and manufacture a beta unit
  • Company was still burning cash and had a small number of units  in the market


  • Find a  strategic  acquirer that will support the growth of the business and pay a premium for the synergies. The ideal strategic acquirer will  use the technology as a platform to build a large water monitoring group and will recognize the value of the patent portfolio


  • Developed material for discussion with Strategic Market
  • Revised the business plan and financial forecast
  • Benchmarked the financial projections against competitors in the Water Industry
  • Prepared a case by case value proposition for each Strategic Acquirer
  • Contacted the key Strategic Players in the Water industry
  • Negotiated with potential acquirers the best terms for the investors


  • Completed a transaction with a Blue chip corporation based in Europe
  • Transaction exceeded Investor expectation
  • The acquired was use as a platform to launch a water monitoring division within the parent company
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