Kirchner Group - Steve Dauphin Profile Picture

Steve Dauphin

Steve has over 20 years of venture capital, and fund management experience with particularly focus on the agriculture sector. Steve has worked with funds totaling in excess of $200M.

Steve presented a market-based technology commercialization strategy for advanced fertilizer technologies in 2010 to a gathering of global agricultural experts assembled at the World Bank. One of the key findings of that presentation was the pressing need for investment groups purposed solely on the creation and promotion of entrepreneurial companies in agriculture. The Food Security Group and eventually Kirchner Agricultural Partners were outgrowths of that presentation. Today, Mr. Dauphin is focused on venture and growth stage investments related to agriculture, energy and water.

Earlier in his career, Steve worked as a Special Agent with the DEA, and as an analyst with Citibank, before helping launch the Harbinger Group’s first two private equity funds, including an independent power fund. In 1998 he and his partners launched their first of several venture capital funds.

Steve graduated from Harvard with B.A. in economics and religion, and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with an MBA.