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Kirchner Group
Kirchner Group is a unique values-based corporate ecosystem, maximizing individual and social benefit through our unwavering commitment to the thoughtful integration of ‘earning and returning’.
The following illustrates some of the numerous entities involved.

We believe that every business, and every portfolio of businesses, can be made more valuable and that none need to become valueless. Our ‘earn’ model, based on decades of experience in traditional merchant banking, honing successful businesses and investments, finds the untapped value in companies, and helps them prosper through our process and domain approach.



Asset Management

We believe that all businesses should contribute to a positive human future. Our ‘return’ model includes three integrated components: ‘hip’ (capital), ‘head’ (sharing the benefit of decades of creating solutions) and ‘heart’ (passion to execute and a desire to make a difference). When these attributes are applied to social enterprise and philanthropic pursuits, we trust the world becomes a better place.




Business Brain
Interaction Advisory Group

Our earn and return model is also relevant when we focus our multifaceted expertise in a commercial context to help companies that are committed to doing good while doing well.