Lifecycle Partnership

partnershipKirchner Group has assisted hundreds of companies’ formalize their business models, position for future growth, prepare for the next round of financing, strike key partnerships and negotiate licensing agreements. It’s what we do. We understand the varying needs of businesses throughout their stages of growth and provide tailored solutions for our clients that enhance the likelihood of future success. We provide only what is needed when its needed.

We have assessed more than 2000 technologies and have extensive real world experience starting, growing and exiting companies and crystalizing value in Intellectual Property.

“Kirchner has proven to be an excellent advisor to the Company. They have brought strong expertise to Radient contributing greatly to the Company’s success.”

Denis Taschuk, President & CEO, Radient Technologies Inc.

Under the best of conditions it is difficult to start, run, and grow a business. We know, we have been there. From idea to creation to incubation you have invested significant time, money, effort, and made many personal sacrifices in building your company and you are committed to ensuring it achieves the promise it shows.

Successful companies rely on experienced advisors that have been through it before to provide the counsel needed at every step of the life cycle. We bring an unparalleled team of senior-only operators and advisors with extensive experience in creating value.

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