Lifecycle Partnership Services

Strategies for success

Kirchner Group’s Lifecycle Partnership focuses your resources on value creation and building the right plan to realize that value. We have unparalleled experience and a deep understanding of the path to commercialization. Our team helps you understand the process and guides you through it to maximize value. We provide strategies for success throughout your Company’s lifecycle from incubation to exit.

Identifying risks and managing them

We understand the risks associated with each stage of a company’s development and know what strategies to implement to limit, reduce, and/or manage risk. Setting realistic timelines is important, and today meeting them on time and on budget is even more critical. The Kirchner Group keeps you focused on your runway and ensures you are implementing the right protocols to meet your milestones at each stage of your Company’s growth.

“My firm has worked with the Kirchner Group for over a decade and I can confirm nobody knows Entrepreneurs the way they do.”

– Tim Lee
Chief Investment Officer, Venture Capital GrowthWorks Capital

Building value in IP

Having assessed more than 2000 technologies, we are experts in Intellectual Property. We help you build strong IP policies and practices and work with you to identify and maximize the patentable technologies in your portfolio. We have developed a proprietary model for crystalizing the value of IP and our team of experts will work with you to structure your IP for maximum value.

Building strategic partnerships

Kirchner Group can make meaningful introductions for strategic partnership development. Given our rich experience in operations and transactions we have dealt with the majority of strategics in our chosen domains. Beyond the introduction, we help you properly prepare for each meeting knowing what each potential partner will likely be looking for in a relationship with your company. We have a track record of maximizing the value of companies entering into strategic partnerships and help you avoid company killing mistakes.

Building the team

We are able to understand and evaluate the needs and skills sets for your team and help you to address any areas of weaknesses or concern. Our ability to assess individual strengths and weaknesses is one of our many differentiators. We can mentor your team accordingly and help to align individual incentives with company goals.