Entrepreneurial Culture

Kirchner Group’s culture is a direct result of our collective experience. Established in 1985, our team has more than five centuries of collective experience working both as entrepreneurs and with entrepreneurs. Our proprietary platform is built on the premise that pairing deep domain expertise with process experts provides superior results.

Everything we do and how we do it stems from this profile that is built on real world experience. We have an extensive track record of providing operational support and enhancing the crystallization of value in companies at any stage of their lifecycle. We have a proud tradition of helping Entrepreneurs through every step of their journey.

We are a founding partner of Arlene Dickinson Enterprises (ADE). The purpose of ADE is to promote the advancement of entrepreneurs through funding investments in entrepreneurial businesses and creating entertaining and educational media aimed at them. We also invite entrepreneurs to participate in the building of a social media network called, youinc.com

Our founder and CEO was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ twice in his career. He was first awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

He was then again awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, by the National Quality Institute of Canada.

We have been recognized for our unique approach and understanding of entrepreneurs in some of the leading entrepreneur publications.

Our recently published book, ‘How Do You Know… If You Are an Entrepreneur?‘ offers a fun, quick, and simple read. The book contains a series of one liners and accompanying illustrations that offer insightful signs you might be an entrepreneur. Knowing what makes an entrepreneur is a hallmark of our company and is one of the reasons we have been successful so we decided to share our experiences and stories through this publication.

Our partners and colleagues agree that our entrepreneurial profile is unprecedented and the value we bring and add to companies is unmatched by other groups.

“My firm has worked with the Kirchner Group for over a decade and I can confirm nobody knows entrepreneurs the way they do.”

Tim Lee
Chief Investment Officer, Venture Capital GrowthWorks Capital

We have developed a proprietary approach to helping companies that we call ‘Lifecycle Partnership’. For more information please download our fact sheet.