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Some businessmen just have a knack for success: they know how to create it, grow it, manage it and even snatch it back from the brink of failure. This week, Bob Scully welcomes two-time Entrepreneur of the Year Bud Kirchner, who is credited with having that golden touch.

VP of Standard Life comments on Bud Kirchner

The Vice President of Finance for Standard Life (one of the largest insurance companies in the world) comments on Bud Kirchner’s values, approaches and passion. The comments are based on an Interview Bud did with Bob Scully on his show ‘The World Show’.


Bud Kirchner as “Interview of The Year” Brief Intro

The World Show editorial team selected from amongst numerous interviews, the special with Bud Kirchner, of Kirchner Private Capital Group, for its annual Holiday Edition and named Bud as the “Interview of the Year”. This is the new intro to the original interview.

Greatest Challenge of our Time

In a recent interview at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Food Security Group partner Steve Dauphin discusses technology, entrepreneurial companies and the looming global food security crisis in a 100-year historical context. Food Security Group is the agriculture impact arm of Kirchner Group.


Impact Isn’t Impact if Unrealized

What is impact and why does it matter to my company or fund? In 1985 Kirchner Group was founded with the belief that every business can be improved and every business should improve the world. Our unprecedented 30 year track record of “earning and returning” represents the backbone of what is today considered financial-first impact businesses and investing.

How Can Impact Have More Impact

How can Kirchner Group help your company or fund improve performance through impact? Kirchner Group recently synthesized our approach while building on our decades of experience in impact investing, advisory and asset management, into Kirchner Group’s proprietary 3:4 Impact Performance Model.


Kirchner Food Fellowship Update 2017

The Kirchner Food Fellowship harnesses the power of millennials to find, fund and assist promising socially responsible agricultural businesses. The highly-trained, highly-networked student investment teams bring the wisdom and experience of seasoned venture capitalists with the energy, passion and reach of the Peace Corps. The Kirchner Food Fellowship is made possible by the support of Kirchner Group, a traditional merchant bank with a long history working with ag/food companies and a strong ethos of earning and returning.

Kirchner Food Fellowship

Learn about the Kirchner Food Fellowship Program and how it is aiming to educate future capital allocators. The Fellowship believes it is vital for the next generation of leaders to understand, to get involved and to aid in funding young entrepreneurial businesses which will positively impact global Food Security. The Fellowship is open to University students currently enrolled in a North American University. Learn more at


President Vicente Fox speaks about Collaboration with Kirchner Food Fellowship

Kirchner Impact Foundation is pleased to announce the 2017-18 Kirchner Food Fellowship, one of the world’s most innovative capital markets initiatives, will be focused on Central Mexico. In collaboration with Centro Fox the program will be based at the Presidential Library in Guanajuato, Mexico.

President Vicente Fox Invites Students to apply for Kirchner Food Fellowship Program

Kirchner Food Fellowship and Centro Fox are collaborating to bring the 2017-18 Kirchner Food Fellowship program to Mexico. President Fox invites bi-lingual students enrolled at any university in Mexico, Canada or the United States to apply.


2016 GODAN Summit Panel – Leveraging Agriculture and Nutrition Open Data to Improve Investment

Kirchner Group’s Steve Dauphin moderates a panel at the 2016 GODAN Summit. The Summit is designed to bring together world leaders, researchers, farmers, students and others – public, private and non-profit united around a collaboration on agriculture and nutrition data openness.

Steve Dauphin at TFF Summit 2016

Kirchner Group’s Steve Dauphin at the the 2016 TFF Summit talking about uprooting assumptions and the Kirchner Food Fellowship program. Thought For Food (TFF) is the world’s leading platform for Next Generation Innovation and Collaboration to address global food and nutrition security.


Sarah Piccini at Stimson Center Food Disrupters and the Future of Food Panel

Kirchner Food Fellow Sarah Piccini speaks as part of a panel at the Food Disrupters and the Future of Food on October 26, 2016 hosted by Stimson Center.

Steve Dauphin speaks at the TAMU Law AG Symposium

Steve Dauphin speaks at the TAMU Law AG Symposium in October 2014.


Kirchner Impact Model

Kirchner Impact Foundation (KIF), is a non-profit organization that serves as one of the “returning” arms of Kirchner Group. KIF harnesses the positive power of enterprise to make a difference in addressing some of the most important issues of today and reflects our belief that all businesses should contribute to a positive human future. Through the Kirchner Impact Model the foundation promotes capital efficiency and sustainable enterprises. Our Kirchner Impact Model includes three integrated components of contribution: ‘head’, ‘hip’ and ‘heart’.